When fifteen year-old Hawke feels fed up with not being able to walk, he escapes in his mind to a misty island filled with moorlands, ancient forests, and monolithic stones: a place where he can move and run and accomplish heroic quests.

His life is turned upside down, though, when he's thrust into this dream world and finds it real! He becomes 'Star Catcher.' The job? Track and collect shooting stars or meteors sent from a more advanced civilization, which have powers that protect the island from approaching evil. He finds many helpers along the way: a serving girl who can communicate with animals and create light, an alluring mermaid, a savvy one-eyed crow, and an old farmer with a secret.

Hawke must also discover what's going on inside the imposing mansion called Moon House. Why do rooms change? Why do objects mysteriously shift? Who lives inside the old forest behind the place--and why is the Star Catcher forbidden to enter it? And most importantly, who are Hawke and his stars really battling against? An evil genius? A pirate-like group called the Shrikers who have taken over the island? An Ancient Magic? Or, maybe an aspect of himself?
"Hawke is a fantastic example of what a kid can do if they set their minds on a goal. His life is what I had dreamed of happening to me when I was younger…"

"The author, Molly Dean, does a great job in bringing to life a very different world, filled with characters both familiar and un."

"Molly Dean’s “The Star Catcher” is a wonderfully engaging, and emotionally beautiful story, by a master storyteller who will bring you into a world of magic and mystery."

Could this be a picture of Moon House?
"Molly Dean has again crafted an engaging story, with a strong, character-drive plot that is a wonderful gem for readers."