How do you hide a dragon from your parents? It's a problem the three Barry children--eight-year old Polly, ten-year old Logan, and eleven-year old Nat--must solve. The beast in question has created havoc in a Walmart parking lot, been shot at by scared humans, is the size of a small airplane, and has the obsession for the human food "cornflakes."

Polly claims she summoned the dragon using a spell. The dragon has weird habits, glowing, changeable colors, and likes to sing. Once safely installed in the Barry's basement, the dragon determines his real name is too difficult to pronounce. They agree to call him Winkle, and soon Winkle's love for hidden treasure has him ransacking old crates filled with Christmas and party decorations to transform the basement into a gaudy, jeweled cave. The children succeed in keeping their mother at bay with her fear of with her fear of rats in the basement, but Mr. Barry and the family cat are not so easily fooled. Then there's Rodge, the nosy boy next door and self-proclaimed scientific genius, who tries to catch Winkle and expose him to the media.

The Barry kids wrestle with parental demands, difficult teachers, and catering to Winkle's exotic needs and growing sweet-tooth. Plus, Polly doesn't know how to reverse her spell, thereby leaving Winkle stranded...in the basement! Sparks fly when Rodge calls up his own dragon--the greedy, bloated Podge--and Podge has a grudge to settle with Winkle. A Dragon Duel in on the horizon, but which creature will survive? Meanwhile, will the adults find Winkle--or will the media get to him first? Will Polly find a way to send Winkle home? And most importantly--can the children provide enough cornflakes to satisfy Winkle's appetite?      
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